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The Ethics of Self-Driving Technology

As the general population buckles down for the onset of autonomous vehicles and robot-assisted life in general, the ethical and technical ...

Living with Robots

As AI and deep learning systems become increasingly complex, robots are rising to the rank of dogs or even small children in terms ...
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Tech and the Economy

Technology and the economy have always been inextricably woven together in a constant cycle of cause and effect. Technological advances ...
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Tech Companies Fail and Thrive on April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day stands out as one of the only days when you really can’t trust anything¬†you read on the internet. Google ...
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The Reach of the Internet

Today the world is more connected than ever, the number of those who do not have access to the internet in some form dwindles every ...

Hemp Grows in the Silicon Valley

The Firefly may look like some kind of fancy flash drive or high-class tech appliance, and in some ways it is. But in some ways its ...
deep web

Intro to the Deep Web

As overwhelming as the internet can be, it’s likely you’ve only scratched the surface of what’s out there. The “surface ...
pci express

What is the PCI Express?

Unlike the CPU (central processing unit) or the SSD (solid-state drive), the PCI express doesn’t ring a bell¬†unless you have ...

Retrieval Of The Lost Data Is No More A Not Possible Task

The data is stored in various forms employing the technology. The technology is getting so well versed that data stored in any means ...