Tech and Race for the White House

There is perhaps no topic in the upcoming 2016 US presidential race than the topic of technology and the way it is regulated in our country. For the Republican Donald J Trump the importance of articulating a vision for the technology industry in general seems to be something that he is frankly currently lost at. But on the flip side of that coin when you look over at Miss Hillary Clinton of the Democratic regime Clinton claims to have released a comprehensive technology policy platform in June that should exit software developers but Mr.Donald J Trump is not having it. In fact Trump doesn’t pay any attention to our industries concerns and is frankly out of touch whit the issues facing tech in general. He operates with a fundamental lack of understanding with how the internet even really operates or is regulated. To put this into perspective consider the debates from last summer where in Donald Trump made it clear that he intended to “shut down” certain parts of the internet in an attempt to claim national security. When he was pressed which parts or how that would even be possible he said, “just the areas that ISIS could use to harm us here.” Both are regular fixtures on social media. 

Over the course of his candidacy Trump has question the basic data security and province principles on a fundamental level. And if elected he is going to try to curtail net neutrality and cyber freedom like no other president before. His aim is to totally sensor and go after those who have any adverse things to say about his which is plenty. Now what is unfortunate is that Trump is probably going to win this election. “closing that internet up in some way, Were losing a lot of people to it. Not a believer in email. The wires were everybody probably reading it.” these are all actual quotes from Trump regarding tech and it is scary to think what he is capable of doing.

but by contrast Ms.Clinton is no gem either. She helped bring the patriot act into existence, and has a track record of curtailing freedoms across the board. But he does recognize e the importance of the online secondly and how vital it is to the greater US economy in general. So she is going out and trying to do a kind of whole comprehensive platform that look into the place of tech in the future and where she stands on certain topics. The problem is she is like that old lady who keeps trying to take selfies or do things that seem just kind of oddly off or forced given her age and tech competence. More over when elected there is no guarantee that she is going to follow through on anything she proposes and many think that it is ultimately a ploy to appeal to the youth demographic she got hammered on by Bernie Sanders and his supporters. There is not reason why this is going to last more than one term. But the fact of the matter is a lot can happen in 4 years.

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